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CERN Summer student, Global opportunity strategist, Personal development coach, President of the Nigerian National Association of Physics Students(NAPS) & Founder, Kaktos labs

Dosu David is one of the first two Nigerians ever to get into the highly competitive CERN Summer school program

He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in applied physics at the University of Benin, Nigeria, where he doubles as the local chapter President and the National president of the National Association of Physics Students

In 2015, David was awarded Lagos state scholarship to 50 undergraduates in Nigerian universities

And was awarded the most brilliant student in physics award in 2019

David is an visionary, community manager, personal brand strategist and advance math enthusiast

His technical prowess boasts thorough command of languages such as Python, R and Excel for analytics and visualization

And has worked on problem-oriented projects using frameworks like Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn and Tensor flow

Dosu David is a service leader with experience working in multidisciplinary teams to solve people-focused problems

Positions held

Ag. President, National Association of Physics Students(NAPS) Nigeria

Community Manager: Talkative Africa

President, NAPS University of Benin

President, Kaktos labs

President, Intellectuals’ Club, University of Benin

Director of creative projects (NAPS Uniben)

Director of Ambassadorship, ForStudents

Secretary, Final year dinner organizing committee, LCC

Founding editor, Unibenphysicsreview

He love God, good foods, books, plantain chips & his imaginary girlfriend, and in that very order


Technical Skills

Public speaking
Thought leadership
Strategic thinking
Youth Educator

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